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Wardogz LAN Group [WLG] was started in Jacksonville Florida 1995 at the Wardogs gaming store. It initially was a group of Players who got together for Decent, Starcraft, Command and Conquer, Half-life DM and other games. The Original Members included Trenton, Omen, JediMaster, Coyote, Wizzard, and Zorro. Everyone traveled from Jacksonville to Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale and all LANs in between.

Near the end of 1995 Trenton decided to form and start holding Wardogz LAN parties. They were held at various Gamers homes, from Jacksonville all the way to the Orlando Soul Games. In 1999 Trenton started hosting them primarily at his home supporting 25-40 gamers on a regular basis. They started to get so large that at the beginning of 2000 he required assistance. He first brought on Omen and Acid, and in mid 2000′s Trenton soon discovered he still could not run properly without the assistance of more PC skilled individuals. Tempest (aka Tachaeon) and Mischi3f were later added to the roster since they both had already been coming to the LANs and saw Trenton needed help. They were asked if wanted to join the Staff at that time, and both agreed.

The LANs continued from that point to not only be held once again at Trenton’s home but other avid Wardogz LAN gamers houses who wanted to assist in getting the LAN run every month. It was around this time that arrangements were made to run the Parties at Docking Station. A number of LANs happened there, and had some fantastic times, playing CS, Q3, and other games, along with outdoor water gun fights and various other non-pc related events. We got so big that Docking Station started to build out a separate section for WLG next door. Tournaments and LANs were also hosted at other places like LAN Guild.

Then in 2004 with the release of World of Warcraft by Blizzard, the LAN community dwindled. The LAN Group put on hold hosting any further monthly LAN parties, and just held them occasionally.

Near the end of 2011 with the increase of not only FPS games re-emerging Wardogz picked up hosting of LAN parties again at gamers houses. This push by Mischi3f, and Tachaeon again garnished not only old WLG gamers to come back, but new gamers to enjoy LANs as well. Now in 2013 we host in our current location, at the Masonic Lodge every 2-3 months. The old Staff members of Trenton, Acid, Mischi3f, and Tachaeon Along with our new staff members Smokey, Krysis, and PePe, we work diligently to produce the same fun all previous LAN Parties gave our Gaming community.

Wardogz LAN Group has over 18 years of running fun and entertaining LAN parties, along with the technical skills and credentials to assist most players with any issues from game and Network support to PC repair. We will continue to do so as long as gamers are looking for a fun environment to get together with like-minded people from all ages.

-WLG Omen**

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