GlassWire is an easy-to-use network monitor


GlassWire is an easy-to-use network monitor

Whether you’re concerned about security, or just hoping to optimize your PC’s performance, understanding what’s accessing your internet connection can be very helpful.

Network monitors will tell you more, but they’re often targeted at experts, weighed down with complex details which — even if you understand them entirely — you may not really need. GlassWire is an interesting free network monitor aimed at a more general audience. It’s easy to use, looks great and provides in-depth reports, but they’re easy to follow and focus on only the most important information.

This simplicity is obvious from first launch, when GlassWire displays a scrolling graph detailing the peaks and troughs of your internet traffic. There are no complex details, no TCP/ UDP splits, no tables of figures: just a simple chart which shows you at a glance if something heavy-duty has just gone online.

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