The Team

The Many Faces of Wardogz!

These special individals bring unique skills to the LANs.

The Team

Brendan Hoffman


Brendan has been a WLG Staff Member since 2000. He attended his first LAN party in 1996 for Quake, Doom, and Duke Nukem 3d and has been hooked on LAN's ever since. Attended first Wardogz LAN in late 1999 and hasn't missed one since. FPS, RTS, and RPG's are the favorites but will play anything once. Primary focus is expanding the LAN and convention scene in the Southeastern region.

The Team

Brian Cammett

Vice President

About Me:

I Joined Wardogz Staff in 1999. I learned DOS commands and Hayes codes by four years old driven by my desire to game. Now I can read the assembler DOS is written in and write my own communication protocols. From boards to bits I do IT all, Hardware, Firmware, Software, Electrical, Mechanical and Systems Engineering as well as Access Control, Telephony, Lighting, Video, Sound and Real-time Systems not to mention IT consulting and EVERYTHING that goes with it. When you work as hard as I do you have to play hard and casual internet encounters just don't cut it. That's why I am committed to LAN Gaming and building community for the next generation of Know-IT, Do-IT, Game-IT-alls.

The Team

James Orner


James has been a member of Wardogz since the early 2000's. Some of James' tasks include webmaster and network infrastructure.

The Team

Patrick O'Gara


Wardogz member since 2003, Krysis has steadily increased his knowledge and reputation in the PC world. Hearing his calling from God, he relocated down to Orlando in early 2014, and now serves as our Orlando Point of Contact for any events in the city. He likes a good RPG game, his fluffy cat, and long walks on the beach.

The Team

Jason York

Brand Officer

WLG member since 2001 / Staff since 2012

While Jason's abilities in the electronic world are not as great as his fellow staff members, his strength lies in his ability to handle numbers and his charisma when interacting with guests. He was brought on to initially help in handling sponsorships in 2012, and has grown into running tournaments and handling the financial numbers for Wardogz. 

Jason favors the strategy games (Civilization 4 and 5, Blood Bowl) but enjoys a round of CS:GO or Quake 3 as well.

Jason's Primary goal is to create an experience for guests that is remembered as fun and enjoyable, that will cause then to return to future events.

Outside of Wardogz, Jason graduated from Florida State College of Jacksonville in Fall 2013 with a Bachelor's in Business. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and attending sporting events with his wife, Elizabeth.

The Team

Wes Wright

Director of I.T.

WLG member since 2013 / Staff since 2014

Wes, much like his fellow staff members, is a tried and true gamer. While some people excel in certain styles of games, he is a true "I'll play anything" gamer. His passion for technology extends well beyond the gaming aspect of the I.T. world. The monicker, "Jack of all trades, master of none" definitely applies. This makes him a prime candidate for the role he now holds with Wardogz.

He has a Bachelor's of Science focusing on Computer Technology from Kent State University and currently works for an I.T. services firm in Jacksonville. Don't be afraid to address your I.T. questions with him as he will be more than willing to help you out.

The Team

Jered Hamel

Operations Manager

Joined Staff-2014 - Member Since-1999 - Proto-Staff Since 2001

My experience begins with a background in carpentry, and electrical trade skills. I got an opportunity to work in the world of production, doing events like concerts, business meetings, and conventions. I excelled in this field, rising to the level of Crew Lead, then Production Manager, and then acting as an Event Coordinator.

I have been going to Wardogz LANs since 1999, and in 2001 came on as an electrical consultant, and event staff. I roll jokingly dubbed Proto-Staff. Now that I am an official member of the team, I hope to use my knowledge and experience to continue to help elevate the quality of this great production.

Outside of work I am a multi-platform gamer, and hobby enthusiast. I play PC games, console games, trading card games, table-tops, and more. I also enjoy fishing, firearms, football, fantasy football, family, friends, free stuff, and other things...

The Team

Alvin Heinssen


About Me:
PC Gamer, Prefers RPG's, Strategy or Sandbox games. 
WLG Member Since 1995, Staff since 1997. 
I have Been attending and hosting LAN events for the better part of the last 20 years, Ranging all over Florida, 

Primary Focus:
Educating today's young gamers in the day to day functionality of computers allowing them to rely on there own skills to correct issues, or repair problems...

Favorite Game:
Even though I "Retired" i would say World of Warcraft, though i do Enjoy a good game of Minecraft DTF....


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