Admin Abuse

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Admin Abuse

Post by mailevelant »

I believe the discussion was had at the Feb LAN about admin abuse within the game. I understand that part of the game is killing each other, but when the admin has given themselves full Kevlar and kills players I find that an abuse of power. I have not in the entire time I've been playing found a single piece of Kevlar.

I only know of one person out of 3 that have played that has found any and it was only one piece in hundreds of gathering runs. So while yes, it could be that he honestly acquired that set, I still take issue with it. Had it been anyone else who killed me I would be fine with it.

Admins are admins, players are players. If you want to play, get a second account with no admin privilege and use that. Every game where I've been a part of the administration had the policy that admins either cannot play at all or they have to use a second account with no admin privileges and anyone caught using their admin power to "boon" their normal player was removed as admin permanently.

In the end it's just a game but to watch your hard work get flushed away because someone abused their power removes the fun from it. Good luck to those of you who continue to play but I'm done.
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Re: Admin Abuse

Post by Structure »

Fair point Mailevelant and I am sure this comment is pointed at me. While you have not been playing the game for awhile I will explain how I got the Kevlar. It was not by admin abuse. Talk with Delta. Him and I differ alot on Rust style play and discuss this in detail daily.

While a lot of people like to build up houses and gather material I personally do not. Doug is a good example of this as his metal house far out weighs the dinky 3 x 3 one story I have built. I believe hunting red animals and raiding towns over and over and over until I get all the blue prints I want is the priority. Typically in this philosophy my house suffers in the beginning but flourishes in the end because I have found all the blue prints needed to protect myself.

In the end I dont feel this post is justified because I shot you twice during a C130 drop where I had the advantage of surprise. As you said you only take issue with it because I am an admin and not that my longevity in the game could have given me an advantage over someone just beginning.
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Re: Admin Abuse

Post by PePe »

Mailevelant, I agree with Structure. I personally have 3 out of the 4 pieces of armor, but my method was to team up with a partner, and for the two of us to share our items and research with one another. While I did not find any of the armor pieces myself, I did find plenty of research kits in order to research them when I got them, and also found items my partner did not have therefore helping him learn new items as well.

I think while admin abuse can definitely be a problem on other servers, the fact that our server has three admins who have regularly played the game allows for a checks and balances to this process to ensure that one does not abuse the system.

In addition, I think structure made a great point in saying that himself, as well as Delta and Trenton, have played this game a lot more, and a lot longer, then any of us, therefore they know this game inside and out and know what they need to do to maximize their chances of finding the items they need.

I feel your post was, in my opinion, poor sportsmanship on your part. Admin abuse should only be claimed when 100% certain it is happening. If they have invisible armor (which is an option for admins in this game) and they come up and kill you, then I would agree with you completely. But claiming admin abuse when they might have better items that they have worked hard for is a poor way to play this game.
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Re: Admin Abuse

Post by [WLG]Trenton** »

mailevelant wrote:So while yes, it could be that he honestly acquired that set, I still take issue with it. Had it been anyone else who killed me I would be fine with it.

so, if it would have been me? or delta who killed you, you would have been fine with it?

Im going to try to be subjective about this, you feel Structure has abused his admin rights and has not legitimately acquired his gear... this based on the fact he has Kevlar and was able to kill you?
not discrediting your claim, i need some form of proof here..

your are right that an admin abusing his powers kills the server, but i cant say him having kevlar is abuse,
because i have a full metal base is that abuse?
(of which i traded and farmed for)
because delta can make every weapon is that abuse?
(of which he has made trades for, or found)

While your claim is totally possible, even if he did, get kevlar, it does not make him unkillable, really doesnt make him a harder target even. just means you need an extra shot or two,

the point im trying to make, if all the powers to abuse, i doubt most admins would waste the time on just giving them selfs kevlar, considering i could just god mode my self and naked kill someone.

i take cheating very seriously, and admin abuse is just another form of it... but your comment above tells me you are really just upset that it was an admin that killed you not that it is really abuse...

now, we welcome you to return to the server, as the more people the more entertaining it becomes,
being new to the game really is the hardest part of surviving. it is benificial to make friends to help with the survival,as it really is not safe to travel alone unless you know you can trust the other players on the server.
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Re: Admin Abuse

Post by Krysis »

Welcome to the club Jay. I don't think there is anyone in this game that hasn't been killed by Struc+ure. He's extremely resourceful and a damn good shot. There's not a doubt in my mind that all the admins we have will never abuse their power.

Now, I would like to slightly disagree with Doug on welcoming you back to the server. And I don't say this to be a dick or anything. I would like you to play on another, more populated server where you have no idea who the admins are. You will see that anyone and everyone is out for blood, and have their own play style. You can get killed 5 seconds after spawning (happened to me plenty of times) and you can get stabbed in the back by your "teammate" (calls for a good soap opera dialog in chat).

What I am saying is that the first couple of days have been easier since we have all been focused on building. Now that we are built up, it's only going to get harder. And its not for the weak hearted. You can crap and you get crapped on, its part of the game.
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