Loot Respawn work around

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Loot Respawn work around

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I have kinda Figured out how to make sections of the map respawn loot
(basicly, you delete the world files for the zones you want to respawn.)
for most areas this will work well except for knowing where someones base is if they are new...

so, i have 2 options on this... first is reset the entire world (like every 2 weeks real time)
if i reset the map, i can retain the player files, thus allowing you to keep some gear.
or reset specific areas of the map

for instance to reset gravetown i would need to delete the 4 files
-3-2, -3-3, -2-2, -2-3. (Number across bottom is first)

by doing this it will restore those sections to untouched status (so if your player base was there it would no longer be there)

so i default to you guys on how you want me to proceed..
or if you have other options im ok with that as well

Personally, i say player bases are only allowed to be permanently established in non major loot areas...
like -1, 2. thus allowing the major areas to be reset so there is always loot to be scavenged.
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